Rash of Home Burglaries hit Tipton County



Tipton County has been victim to a string of home burglaries over the last few months according to a Press Release from the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office on December 9, 2015.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Tipton County Sheriff’s office is investigating a rash of burglaries that have been reported from October through December. They have occurred in the area of Old Memphis Road, Whaley Road, Junior Drive and Melrose Road in Covington.

Investigations have shown the break-ins are happening during the daytime and being discovered after the families come home. Items stolen include laptops, medication, handguns and cash.  The detectives also confirmed that a white male suspect was seen fleeing from one residence, escaping through a wooded area.

During the canvas of the residents, the investigators also discovered other attempted burglaries that were not reported.

Sheriff J. T. “Pancho” Chumley asked for help from local citizens for any helpful information.

“We need the help from citizens in these areas to be watching for anyone suspicious in the area and possibly on foot. The suspect may frequent the area and be aware of the patterns in these subdivisions. Citizens are asked to review any personal home surveillance footage and report any suspicious activity.”

Sheriff Chumley also reminded citizens to record serial numbers for their property, saying it is the best manner in which stolen items can be returned to victims.

Please take precaution and be sure to lock all your doors and windows this holiday season until the burglar is caught.  And if they are watching for patterns, try changing up your weekly routine, if possible.

If you have any tips please pass them along to the Sheriff’s Office using the following contacts:


Criminal Investigations Division: 901-475-3300

Central Dispatch (after hours): 901-475-4300

Phone in Tips: 901-475-3307

Email Tips: sheriff@tiptonco.com

or Facebook: Sheriff J. T. Pancho Chumley

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